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Water Blasters are made extra-tough, each being nearly indestructible (see our lifetime guarantee). If that's not enough, we've included special features that make Water Blaster the irresistible choice in water cannons.

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 Dual Purpose Nozzle

    All Water Blaster models come with a nozzle that can stream water over remarkable distances (up to 60 feet). But the special Water Blaster nozzle can also do much more...



Easy Grip Handle

    Easy to hold, yet tough enough to be nearly indestructible, the Water Blaster handle is perfect for adults and children to use....



Buoyancy Feature

    You'll never lose a Water Blaster at the bottom of your pool or nearby lake, because our unique buoyancy feature keeps each Water Blaster afloat....



Cleaning Feature

    For those of us who thrive on keeping everything in tip-top condition, each Water Blaster can easily be cleaned between usage....



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