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Water Blasters SOLD HERE Sticker for businesses

When you order twenty-five or more Waterblasters for your business, we'll send along a free WATER BLASTER SOLD HERE sticker. That, of course, will lead to a blast of new attention for your store, with multitudes of screaming customers anxious to buy waterblasters.

Advertising is a sticky business, and branding the Waterblaster name everywhere in attractive red, white, and blue only helps reinforce your store's sense of quality, fun, with an all-american product. Stocking your shelves with the best water cannon in the world doesn't hurt either, and a Waterblaster SOLD HERE sticker will let everyone know about it.

Go ahead, mark your territory the Waterblaster way. Just peel and stick, and wait for the rush of fun-seeking Waterblaster customers. At very least, the Waterblaster SOLD HERE sticker will help spread word-of-mouth value to your current advertising.

Free with orders of twenty-five or more. Wholesale accounts only.

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